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Mobile Phone use and the risk of Brain Tumours - Interphone revisited

15th June 2010

The more you use your phone, the stronger your chance of developing a brain tumour. In the long-term, an hour a day with no protection could be a death sentence.

After a significant delay in the expected release of the 13-country series of studies into mobile phone use and brain tumour risk, the Interphone conclusions have eventually been published. The more you use a mobile phone and the longer you use it, the more likely you are to develop a brain tumour. It is hard to accurately quantify the risk, as the latency time for a brain tumour (the time between the first cancerous cell developing to the diagnosis of brain cancer) is usually between 20 to 30 years. Phones have not been used for this long, so the fact that trends are already emerging is disturbing, and is likely to be the tip of the iceberg. Children are more vulnerable to RF radiation, and we may find that their health is severely compromised in the near future. In this study, a 'regular' user was defined as someone who used their phone at least once per week over a period of at least 6 months! It is getting hard to find someone who uses their phone as little as that. Maybe an hour a day is more realistic today.

Even with this light use, the Interphone studies consistently showed indications of an increased brain tumour risk with long-term use, which stays relatively constant until the highest exposure levels (similar to today's usage), at which point it sharply rises. Heavy users, defined as those who used a phone for more than an hour a day for longer than a year, showed a 4.8 fold increase in meningiomas (a type of brain tumour) and a 3.8 fold increase in brain tumours.

The Interphone study had some design flaws which underestimated risk. A re-analysis of the published data that was released today at the annual Bioelectromagnetics conference corrects for this and suggests more likely overall figures. Lead researcher, Lloyd Morgan, says, "When our correction is applied, for every year of cell phone use, a person's risk of meningioma increases by 24%. For every 100 hours of cell phone use there was a 26% increased risk of meningioma, a tumour of the lining of the brain, the meninges." for more details see below.

Alert » If you are concerned for yourself and your family, our new range of BlocSocks screen out radiofrequency radiation when used properly while using your mobile phone.

Some UK News Media coverage

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The new re-analysis

Interphone re-analysis » Interphone re-analysis by Lloyd Morgan et al

Two excellent summaries of the Interphone studies can be found at

PW Interphone report » Powerwatch Interphone main news report
Microwave News Interphone report » Microwave News Interphone news report

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